Play tested some prototype games last night. Both were fun and solid games, and well developed. One is being sold to a publisher and looking forward to seeing fresh art on it.

I will post the guys link when I get it as I only got his first name.

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@robert scribble town looks good, I’m a sucker for anything with hexes and dice though. Was this at a game night at your lgs?

@big_chip Both were solid and quite fun. This was at a friend’s place. It was a year end game day (we have a large gaming community in central Florida) and there was about 50 people there. Lots of prototype games as well. Richard Borg (Commands and Colors Series) lives in the area too along with all his play testers.

@robert that’s good, here in the rural parts of the UK we are lucky if we get 6 people out for anything.

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