First time playing with . Pretty fun little tool. Pushing to a cloud connected Raspberry Pi device.

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@robert Nice! Haven't heard of Balena Cloud before, but checking it out as I want to do more self hosting this year. I have my home automations running locally currently and disconnected voice devices, so I'm looking for my new media library and maybe Clips for local voice.

@robert how did you get on with #BalenaCloud? I've got a network of #RaspberryPi that I am looking to manage. Any tips?

@abeorch I just played with it; I have a few at home that I tried pushing some docker images to. Balena worked very well. I can recommend!

@robert I'm a Linux newbie (and have been for 20 years) I've been trying to patch together a network of remote #raspberrypi based #OpenVPN servers but have struggled as I'm not really skilled enough on #Systemd, security etc. What was the learning curve like to keep them running?

@abeorch I have been using Linux for various professional settings for 16+ years and I still consider myself a newb as well. Always learning, I mean always. For me, it is the only way I can approach the subject. I never feel comfortable. I guess that is what keeps me hooked.

@robert I really haven't got into using #docker and containers yet. So I think I'll have a bit to learn.

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