I hate programming on Macs. It used to be so nice... I need to permanently move to Linux.

@tobyr21 Programming is probably not a great way of describing what I do. I am lead of team of Cloud and DevOps Engineers. So we hack many systems together using ever tool set one can think. So I am consistently installing various run-times and plugins.

@robert hey, It's a life, right? The easiest way to describe my programming career is that in 1971 I got involved in a complex communications project. I decided I did not like dealing with communications protocols and got out of communications. For the next 45 years, I kept falling back into communications projects and trying to scramble out of them again.

@tobyr21 I get it! I have been in the business 20+ years and I am still learning, but still doing the same thing. Strange life. For the most part, I still feel like I am playing on my C64 with my Dad plugged into the Zenith TV set.

@robert @tobyr21 I feel like a spring chicken now :p I haven’t had to do any real coms or web systems work up to now but every time I peep into the void I get a glimpse of the tangled mess of different tech cobbled together to do one simple thing and then just back out quietly and shut the door.

I am happy sitting here programming my pic chips thanks.

@big_chip @robert If you restart your computer an run a complicated program, chances are it will behave just like it did before, even though it is in fact a bunch of tech mess cobbled together. When you're depending on pieces of your tech mess all over the web to work together...good luck.

@big_chip @robert
I wrote the following verse of a blues song for my current novel:
Oh little software, why are you so cruel?
Oh little software, why are you so cruel?
I just made a couple changes,
You ain't acting like you used to do.

@robert ugh xcode is the worst thing, never fails to break in new and interesting ways.

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