Got a trackball like it’s 1998. I really like it and the change up from a mouse or trackpad gives my hand/wrist a break. Also it saves precious desk space.

@feld I started with one from logitech, but realized that it didn't have a scroll wheel. So then I got this Kensington Orbit.

@feld @robert Oh boy! I miss using mine. Both of mine eventually crapped out after a few years. Clicking wasn’t working properly even after a lot of cleaning. ☹️

@robert @feld I like the Kensington Slimblade as well. You twist the ball to scroll.

@lanodan @robert i found mine for like $30 at the time... but yeah they're usually overpriced

@lanodan @feld For real, I got the cheapest one! I might upgrade after this one goes out.

@feld @robert the scroll ring on OPs Kensington is annoying, bearing on mine completely gave after only months of use and it became really unpleasant to use. I eventually switched to standard Orbit and it works perfectly fine :cirnoPeek:
@robert @feld scroll handles in windows and Emulate3Buttons enabled in X server + autoscroll in the browser
@feld @robert probably the worst thing about Orbit with scroll wheel is that it uses security screws and I don't have those particular bits ehhhhhhh… unlike the „normal” Orbit which uses Philips heads

@robert I have one of that same model on my desk at work. Someday I'll see it again. I have trackballs on most of my machines here at home too.

@robert i have the same trackball. Just know its a return to digging scuzz out of your mouse-ball well.

Though, i prefer it 9/10 to regular mice under 99.9999% of situations.

also, no more wrist pain at the end of the day :)

@robert I have that one! I use it from time to time, and occasionally I use an external trackpad as well. I can't decide which I prefer.

@robert I have a Kensington Magic Mouse trackball and I <3 it. I've been a trackball user for quite some time. It's helped / eliminated my RSI issues.

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