Tonight seems to be a and night whilst listening to

What is your favorite music? I bounce back and forth from "white noise" like extreme () to gypsy jazz ()

@robert heilung has been me for the past year or so.

all their performance videos are great to have on.

@JoYo Love Heilung! They are in my rotation for sure. Beautifully human-connected music.

@robert It depends on my mood ultimately but I'd have to say more often than not, My favorite #programming music ends up being Electro Swing Revolution Radio.

@jazzyeagle Got a link? I like VNV Nation and the like. Similar?

@robert I haven't heard of VNV Nation before. I'll have to give it a listen.

@jazzyeagle oooh, not at all what I thought it was going to be. I like this!

@robert My favorite musicians (period) are Disparition & Kevin Chi.

@robert I usually code to game soundtracks. They are engaging but not distracting which works well for me.

@robert at the moment I am listening to a lot of King Tubby, Scientist, Lee Perry & The Upsetters, Augustus Pablo, The Skatalites.

Also Booker T & the MGs and The Meters.

@big_chip listening to King Tubby on my headphones to the track Take Five. The oscillation back and forth is a little nauseating. But I am enjoying his other tracks more though he does love to play with placements and spring reverb. However, A+ to Lee Perry & the Upsetters with this cover:

@robert Sounds like my upcoming Saturday night!

Movie soundtracks are great for coding.

@tapaniraja Conan the Barbarian by Basil Poledouris is my favorite movie soundtrack!

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