Alright, I am warming up to . However, / command line apps are foreign to me which is proving the larger obstacle oddly enough. I will stick with this one for a while.

@robert Nice. On what were you before Arch/Manjaro?

@fatboy I have been using Ubuntu for the last 5 or so years both on my desktop and for servers. (Well, for work we use Red Hat/CentOS for servers, personally I use Ubuntu.)

@robert Nice. That's a solid choice. I used Manjaro for a while, it's pretty great. It takes a while to get used to the cli, but it's worth it.

@robert I started to switch my machines to #archlinux + #KDE about seven years and it works like a charm.

Some tips: (1) ArchLinux being a rolling release makes breaking changes at random times. If an update (pacman -Syu) does not work, check the project's homepage. (2) pikaur is a good tool to access AUR packages. (3) Check /etc regularly for .pacnew files. (4) Create a timer job to clean /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ of old packages. is really good, so RTFM.

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