Okay, the dropdown bash window in is pretty sweet, and I could get used to that.

@robert is this similar to the drop down terminal in xfce because that is something I can not live without. Whenever I used ubuntu I always ended up installing guake so I had access to a drop in terminal.

(Also fish > bash)

@urbanfuzzy @robert its such an obvious thing for a terminal to do I often wonder why it wasn’t more widespread.

@big_chip @urbanfuzzy just goes to show you I need to branch out a little more. Also, I have never heard of fish. Usually I use zsh, but now I will need to check out fish!

@robert @urbanfuzzy fish is pretty good for every day use, its not fully posix compliant though so scrips can have so quirks at times m. I use it day to day though and am happy with it so far.

@big_chip @urbanfuzzy my cursory look into it seems very similar with zsh with ohmyzsh tossed in.

Yeah, if you don't use fish's scripting, you can pretty much replicate it with zsh+ohmyzsh (and you may prefer to do it this way, since it's POSIX compliant).

Personally, I prefer fish, because I'm lazy. The defaults of fish are near-perfect for me, so if I set up a new machine, I just install fish's package and can immediately work like normal.

If the script specifies the shebang "#!/bin/bash", then it should still get executed with bash.

Personally, I only tell my terminal emulator to launch fish on startup (and don't set fish as my default shell) to avoid any problems with scripts that might not have this shebang specified.

And then if you need bash in your terminal emulator, you can just run 'bash' as a command in there.

@robert I use guake for that in gnome. Just in case you want to merge the worlds.

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