It's little things like this that drives me back to / . Tempted to try because I am really starting to like some of the things in . I shouldn't have to troubleshoot why my meta key works sometimes and then it doesn't. (BTW, it still is working but if I reboot it does for some time.)

@robert this looks like more of a kde issue than Manjaro to be fair but its still a bit naff.

@big_chip yep, it sure is, and that was my conclusion as well. I will soldier on for a while. Just wish I knew what triggered bug then I would do my best to avoid it.

@robert this is the kind of thing that puts me off bothering with kde to be honest. It seems there’s always a bug somewhere but the kde loyalists either have a work around or work around it and it just feels a bit naff. Im probably being a bit unfair but coming from a long time xfce devotee I am use to my system being solid as a rock, just not so many bells and whistles.

Are you saying that there is no bugs on xfce or gnome or whatever piece of software except for kde?
That's some bias. 😀

@nesc @robert no not no bugs but kde did have a bit if a reputation for going base over apex a bit, at least a while back last I looked, where at least the other two were considered more stable; whatever that means.

@nesc @big_chip I will speak for using Gnome as I have most of my recent experience with it. Of course there are bugs, but ones that just don't get in the way daily. This is my second time using KDE, and the first time there was an irritating occurrence (I don't remember what it was exactly.)

My experience with and these last few years, is that remarkably, Things Just Work™ as one would hope. So much so that even Windows and Mac seem to be more problematic these days.

I can't relate with ubuntu, literally every time I've got ubuntu box it was broken or broken some time later.
Gnome is ok if you aren't using it on wayland and ready to take their bs.

To each his own.

@nesc @big_chip I for one, am thankful for the sheer about of choice out there!

@robert @nesc we should all just go back to gentoo and be done with it!

Gentoo is still broken with python2 → python3 migration.
@robert My experience so far with 20.04 is exactly what you mentioned. Things just work. Hope it stays that way.

@robert I our latest major release, 3.36, a bug slept through in mutter where meta key wouldn’t be working only with your default keyboard layout.

Bugs are no way to judge a project, especially when it has way less resources than the comparison. Software is shit, bugs happen. What matters is how we deal with them.

@alatiera I politely disagree. But I do value your opinion and voice. How developers collaborate is independent of the product they release. Some software isn’t definitely shittier than others.


I don't hold Manjaro in particularly high regard, if you want Arch, just get the real thing. But Ubuntu is a particularly bad example of a project to hold in high regard in terms of (not having) bugs.


@MatejLach @alatiera That is kinda my point. I haven't the foggiest idea of which projects have more bugs or not, and even less knowledge of how the team handles them. As a user of their products, I base it off my experience, which I think is normal for most users. Every time I have used Ubuntu/Gnome, I haven't experienced any bug that gave me pause. (Actually none that know of!) But every time I have tried KDE (regardless of distro) I have experienced a stumbling block of some kind.


That's fair. I'd actually agree with that, from my own experience. I do think it stems from KDE being a lot more customizable, thus more moving parts, but as an example, Firefox on Wayland can't copy+paste on KDE, works fine on GNOME.

I assumed you were talking about Ubuntu specifically, which I generally found to be more buggy than the competition.


Hmm, copy-paste in Firefox works perfectly fine for me on KDE+Wayland and I've been using it for a few months already...

@robert There is also the aspect that lots of distros treat KDE as a second-class citizen. Manjaro doesn't, but Manjaro in general isn't the first distribution I would point to for particularly high quality.

If you haven't tried openSUSE yet, that's the one distro I would say still deserves a look. They continuously and automatically build and test the latest KDE commits on top of their two versions Leap and Tumbleweed.
Still obviously not 100% bug-free, but very good.

@robert just installed at work to try. Restart, logout and shutdown buttons in the menu do nothing when pressed. Just had to reboot from the console. Going back to xfce.

@big_chip Funny not funny. I am still rocking KDE for now. There are definitely things I like. But I don't imagine that I will keep using it. I don't know, maybe I will.

@robert I had a play for the afternoon and looking past the few weird things that happened I don’t think I’ll keep it, it doesn’t feel significantly different from xfce to make it worth swapping.

I think if a DE is going to convince me to swap to it at the moment then it’s going to have to have a wildly different use language than the fairly standard start bar and windows thing.

Maybe I’ll try i3 or bspwm again.

@robert All my Linux PCs run . It's worth investigating in my opinion.

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