So, on my testing machine, I have tried, with . Which, I grew to like more than I cared to admit. Tried 20.04 which felt, I don't know, bland? I couldn't tell what DE came with within 5 minutes of looking through there website so I moved on. I think I am going to install on Manjaro.

@robert Hey, saw your post and just want to offer some guidance. What is the reason you're going for i3? And also, if you want to use Wayland I believe Sway is the closest i3 alternative you have.

I am an old i3 user but back then I had only 256MB RAM and wanted to save every kB of it by trimming down my DE. My current laptop has 16G of RAM so vanilla gnome-desktop gives me the best experience.

@stemid My only reason is just to experience what other options for desktop environments. I have been an user for years and I am getting rusty on some of the options out there.

@robert Well I only ask because my philosophy these days is that you can manage just fine with the default desktop in distros like Ubuntu. I personally am a Fedora user. My reasoning is that you spend less time fixing issues with and configuring your DE, and more time working.

@stemid Yeah, this isn't for my main workstation. Just to play around with!

@robert i3 is pretty good to be honest. Its a good excuse to give nnn a go as your file browser anyway.

> I couldn't tell what DE #opensuse came with

OpenSUSE lets you select which DE you want when you install. It has KDE, GNOME, XFCE, Generic X environment, and Server (no DE).

@jbauer actually going through the Tumbleweed install right now!

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