😔 my install failed. Updating via the Pop_Shop seemed to stall. (I let it “run” over night because I walked away and forgot.) when I went back to it, apparently there was an update to some GRUB package. Rebooting after the update broke. Now I am trying to fix and it’s not working.

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@robert Isn't that the bodged update of Grub2 that hit a bunch of distros today?

@joacim It might be, I saw the same thing on Google Cloud for RHEL/CentOS machines. I will have to look at it again when I get back to the machine.

@joacim Good to know. Glad I didn't bail right away. I am sure it will get fixed. :)

@joacim @big_chip Everything is all better. Just had to spend the time to rebuild grub. What an irritating bug! :)

@robert @big_chip Yeah.. I got this hanging over me like a dark cloud. Do I install or not? :D

@robert it’s updating versions like this that made me move to a rolling release distro. I have never once smoothly updated a major version.

Im a big dumbo though.

Good luck, hope you fix it.

@big_chip I just might go to Manjaro XFCE. Though I was just getting used to Pop_Os. 🤷‍♂️

@big_chip Its like a great mashup between Ubuntu Gnome and ElementaryOS. Like the best of both. Hard to put a finger on the refinements. The UX is really nice.

@big_chip I mean, yes, it is built with Gnome, but I think they have some special sauce on top.

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