Spent a little time today working on my hobby project. (I want to recreate a functional Freewrite with a used electrical typewriter and a raspberry pi.) at this point I am still in the tear-down-and-let’s-plan-it-out phase. I tested soldering some direct wired to the old board, but I think I am going to replace them with some header pins. boardgames.social/media/pfmkVK boardgames.social/media/sXkMqs boardgames.social/media/75MleQ

That's awesome. Except that I am going on Sunday. πŸ˜’

Finally got around putting together my volume meter kit. Super fun!

Playing Welcome to Centerville by with my son; of which he said, β€œIt looked really boring and stressful but it was actually quite fun!” Never judge a Euro by its cover.

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