I don't have any tracking installed on this instance. Every once and a while I take a look at the access logs. Wanna see?

About to grill some chicken. The temp is going to drop soon but now it is still warm in central Florida.

I am amazed at the technical advancement and yet the need for both devices to exist for me. I realize that it is like apples to oranges in comparison. Yet here I am with both.

Played a game of Puerto Rico last night. Fun game, yet, I will say that San Juan has a bit more "elegance" in my opinion.

Today’s moment of serenity brought to you by beautiful weather and the dog park.

Taught a Lunch and Learn at work on 101. Giving gifts out for participants.

I like writing small poems or short stories when going over someone else’s adventures. This time it is with the Curse of Strahd. It helps me remember the content and it makes it a little more of my own

I just love this Thinkpad T430. My favorite form factor ever. The keyboard is great, as well is the screen size.

These are the things that are going to push me back to Ubuntu/Debian. I will likely stick with for a while though.

Giving :manjaro: for a spin. I like it; though it is hard to beat Ubuntu's polish. Already had to struggle to install various things. But I will give it a week or so. In other news this HP Elitebook's keyboard is great.

A shot from last night's :dnd: session. Had such a great time getting back into the saddle again!

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