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This is why we take the doggie to the park in the morning. So we can have a peaceful day!

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Friends (users!) of this instance (, I have enabled a relay to get a larger bit of the in the Federated timeline. If you see more toots from various languages around the world, that means its working! However, if you want to filter out toots that you can can't read, you can change what toots you see in your preferences here:

Played a game of Rummikub at the family reunion. I had a hard time getting an opening meld out.

I need to get my ( project back on the table. I wanted to emulate the functions of one without paying for it; Got this typewriter (it's flawless) from a thrift store for $9. I plan on sticking a in it to do the heavy lifting of connecting to wifi and capturing the key-presses and uploading them to my Nextcloud account.


Maple Street Biscuit Company: The Goat Biscuit Chicken Sandwich.

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