A rousing game of Gaia Project. Sometimes I dislike this game because it can be slow to start. Like today.

Playing a game of the original FarmVille. :-) actually I don’t know if that or Agricola is newer.

Playing Napoleonics by GMT Games. My favorite of the Commands and Color series.

Getting a belated birthday board game. I tell you; the biggest conundrum is purchasing a game I want (usually historical, that no one will play with me) or trying to find one that my friends will like and play...

Playing via a game of Dominant Species with some friends practicing social distancing.

Played a game of Sheriff of Nottingham and Tiny Towns with some non-gamer friends; they loved them. Though one of them said they wanted to play the same game more than just once.... :) Don't we all, don't we all.

Looking forward to playing some with the family tonight.

Played a game of Puerto Rico last night. Fun game, yet, I will say that San Juan has a bit more "elegance" in my opinion.

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