Played a game of Sheriff of Nottingham and Tiny Towns with some non-gamer friends; they loved them. Though one of them said they wanted to play the same game more than just once.... :) Don't we all, don't we all.

Looking forward to playing some with the family tonight.

Played a game of Puerto Rico last night. Fun game, yet, I will say that San Juan has a bit more "elegance" in my opinion.

Played a game of Fauna and Cacao last night with friends after dinner. Both great games.

Played a full game with a full player count of Terraforming Mars. Fun game. A bit too long with five players. Best at 3-4.

Last night we played some . While not a long, heavy euro, I still had loads of fun with Flamme Rouge, Skulls and Roses and Decrypto!

I think I might be getting my fill of . Might be time to start exploring some different genres.

Wife is outta town next week. Pretty sure I am going to setup Unconditional Surrender on the dining room table.

Unconditional Surrender! World War 2 in Europe

Happy 1st Birthday Boardgames.Social! I am a terrible planner (way more P than J if that means anything to you) so today’s gaming festivities will be as hoc. Happy gaming!

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