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I need to get some more in. Jonesing for some chits and hexes.

Played a game of Lords of Waterdeep with some friends. It was their first time playing it. They loved it!

There are so many I want to buy. There are also so many I want to play. Not necessarily the same set.

Played some last night. However this morning, my friend Mike is playing my son with his new chess set.

The one time, I have a chunk of cash to buy a game at CoolStuffInc, my wishlist is horribly out of stock.

Played Qwixx with my children last nice. Crushed them.

Last night I played a game of Fauna with the kids. Just a fun game to play; love the little trash talking.

Playing Welcome to Centerville by with my son; of which he said, “It looked really boring and stressful but it was actually quite fun!” Never judge a Euro by its cover.

Flattening my mounted map boards for Unconditional Surrender with my Advanced Squad Leader rules.

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