So, on my testing machine, I have tried, with . Which, I grew to like more than I cared to admit. Tried 20.04 which felt, I don't know, bland? I couldn't tell what DE came with within 5 minutes of looking through there website so I moved on. I think I am going to install on Manjaro.

Installing / on my newly resurrected test box. Let's see how this goes.

Does anyone have a machine dedicated to test distros? Thinking about it but I feel like it might be a bit excessive...

Not sure what got me started, but I looked at my oldest email in Gmail. It's dated June 26th, 2004. And apparently my co-worker and I thought conversations were weird. That got me looking at my old website. Here I posted about and . Several version of Fedora ago. I actually started messing with Mandrake Linux. What a wild ride. Still waiting for the Year of the Linux Desktop!

Taught a Lunch and Learn at work on 101. Giving gifts out for participants.

I have been using the trial of Apple’s News+ feature. Gotta say, if I had an iPad, I would keep it. It is great to read through and magazines willy-nilly. However, the iPhone and macOS is less than ideal for the format.

I would like to try again. What is the best distro with the best KDE experience out of the box? Suse?

I am trying to play Twilight Struggle via Steam Play and I am getting this weird rendering issue. Anyone know how to fix this? The game runs normal otherwise. on

I just can't get over how the landscape has emerged in the last 20 years. I remember being in the Linux-will-over-take-the-Desktop crowd.

Would never have guessed that would be huge, and the desktop insignificant thanks to and the .

The more you know, the less you know. I'll shut up now.

is rad. I have been using it nearly 20 years. I still learn new stuff.

Is there a distro that focuses on being the best terminal/no-GUI experience?

Is Pop!_OS good on anything other than a System76 system? Anyone try it on their machine(s)?

Hello! My name is Robert, and I have migrated my accounts from several other instances to start this board game instance.

I love games, ala The Gaia Project and Through the Ages as well as most board war games. I clip my counters.

I also am interested in , , , , , and

I plan on posting lots of pics of games played and projects worked on.

Watching The Fifth Estate. Serious references. I appreciate the attention to detail.

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