Tonight seems to be a and night whilst listening to

What is your favorite music? I bounce back and forth from "white noise" like extreme () to gypsy jazz ()

Dio lyrics sounds like the intro of a Lord of the Rings knock-off. However, this is my favorite of their albums:

I know this is sacrilegious, but while I love a lot of Pantera's riffs and groves, I hate Dimebag's guitar tone.

I have been listening to crappy internet audio of ‘s two new songs. The album drops on August 30th. I just might take the day off.

I just realized that Black Sabbath's Master of Reality is only 34 minutes long. Just about the same length as Slayer's Reign in Blood.


How important are the lyrics to you in the you listen to? :thaenkin:

I tend to not listen at all. However there are some exceptions, then they can be a deal breaker weirdly enough.

Behemoth is one of those bands that still have overtly satanist lyrics that are a stumbling block for me even thought I am not fundamentally religious in anyway. And it is too bad; because I tend to love their music.

I wonder how many other listen to death with they sew. What is everyone else’s task ?

I just heard my first CD skip in prolly 20+ years.

Making the transition to “owning” my again. The trick is to buy used and build slow with intention.

I can't stop listening to the song Rats by Ghost. Never really got into Ghost before, but this song has a hell of a hook and now I started finding myself listening to more of their music.

Having listened to 10,000 Days for years and years, I have never fully appreciated the actual song, 10,000 Days pt 2. It is SO good.

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