I am having the hardest time getting a running as my printer server. I mean, I have CUPS up and running and ever thing says it should be working but nothing prints. Previous Brother MFC worked fine this little B&W laser, not so much. 😕

I need to get my (getfreewrite.com/products/free) project back on the table. I wanted to emulate the functions of one without paying for it; Got this typewriter (it's flawless) from a thrift store for $9. I plan on sticking a in it to do the heavy lifting of connecting to wifi and capturing the key-presses and uploading them to my Nextcloud account.

At a hotel for the next three days. I setup my own on to tunnel my traffic like a good boy. I think that and must block their entire address range (also tried from an instance). I guess when I get home I will set up on my so I can use my actual home internet.

I put on a and it is buggy. Does it just want more hardware?

I would like to open a brick and mortar store for enthusiasts. It would carry every official model of Raspberry Pi's and accessories, along with all kinds of third party stuff. I think it could do well. You could even hold maker workshops and such. Would be so much fun.

Hello! My name is Robert, and I have migrated my accounts from several other instances to start this board game instance.

I love games, ala The Gaia Project and Through the Ages as well as most board war games. I clip my counters.

I also am interested in , , , , , and

I plan on posting lots of pics of games played and projects worked on.

Also, I can't seem to find a focused instance either. Tempted to start another one...

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