@mauro The full specs has always been tens of thoughts. I worked for an organization that had three trash cans fully spec'd rending video basically 24/7. There are few orgs/co/people that the full specs are suited.

@Gina What's the layers in the coffee cup? Or is that just on the glass?

@thsprsntdrknss I paused at thought about this question a lot longer than I think I should've.

@big_chip I haven’t tried Fedora in a LONG time. For me: Ubuntu is number one. Elementary and Pop_os! is number two. Manjaro/Arch is number three. Everything else is distant.

@PastaThief @fabian πŸ€” I will have to look at that again; I don't remember that.

@fabian that is a good game that hasn’t hit our table in a LONG time. We might play it soon.

@fabian @pdowning the art is definitely dated. That doesn’t typically slow me down any.

non parents tell you how to parent. 

non parents tell you how to parent. 

I don't have any tracking installed on this instance. Every once and a while I take a look at the access logs. Wanna see?

non parents tell you how to parent. 

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