@Thunderlord Welcome aboard and glad you are here; let me know if you need anything.

Welcome aboard @Abaker and @Lazarus ! Glad you are here. Let me know if you need anything. :D

When your grandchildren come over for christmas and gather around the hearth... hot cocoa in hand... and you feel your heart happy... happier than it's ever been...

Be sure you have stories to tell them from the right side of the coming cyberwar.

The future must be restored.

@dbannisterjr One last link: you can follow a set of users based on your interests; communitywiki.org/trunk However, the follow all button isn't working, but you can still check individual users based by interests.

Just setup a gitlab instance; pretty slick software.

I need to come up with a logo for this instance. :/

Hello and welcome @Pjdemos glad you are here; let me know if you have any questions!

Welcome aboard @dbannisterjr ! Let me know if you have any questions; glad you are here!

@robert I mostly use german personal blogs, youtube, pinterest, .. But maybe allfreesewing.com/Bags-and-Pur can give you a start?

Dark days ahead for Aussies. Parliament passes the controversial Access and Assistance Bill which forces tech companies to build in "mandatory" backdoors in #encryption. What an absolute load of shit. Our competency to overseas companies has just disappeared #infosec #privacy #security

@Virelai I know that in the end I want to make bags, possibly hats, shorts and some utility time stuff and that I will need to start our slow and easy, but pillows won't keep me motivated for long. (I think, but who knows?)

Are there any out there? Getting a new Singer soon and wanted to know any great sites for project ideas.

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