@alice So true. Remember the clacky sounds with ICQ? And you used to be able to watch each other type! So fun!

@alice Oh goodness Trillian 😍 Probably my first pirated piece of software...

@alice Definitely don't ask; if you are pleased with where you are; stay there. It's dangerous out there.

@gunnar my group races through the game fast. I can see how a group could make the game linger, but that seems doable with both versions.

@gunnar I have! And I like Clank! in Space a smidgen more, but I love scifi, so it isn't a fair comparison...

Yesterday we played #Clank! It is probably one of the most fun games I know. The card drafting, combined with the board and carefully planned timing is pure genius. We also played #CityofKings for the first time. A pretty hard game with lots of fiddly bits, but nonetheless straight forward mechanics. I believe it is a fun game with some strategic merit, but need to play a lot more to be sure. #boardgames

Google put hidden microphones in people's houses and when caught admitted they shouldn't have been so secretive about it. They claim innocent intentions and the mics were never on. Most people believe them. That's the difference between them and Facebook. If FB did this, folks would flip. Google has credibility, and it's worth asking how they got it, how they maintain it, and whether they deserve it.


@elitesim Good points; I also, don't personally care for Tarawa as much as the rest, but I am also very aware on how difficult the others will get to the table with my current group of gamer friends...

@iain Huh; that makes me sad. I kinda had high hopes for it; might need to do more research. Thanks for saying.

@Hommestead I haven’t played munchkin in a long time. Need to crack that back open, so to speak.

My partner and I are avid boardgamers here in Portland, Or. Currently playing Scythe, Fog of Love, Timestories, and more Munchkin than I'll generally admit.

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