These are the things that are going to push me back to Ubuntu/Debian. I will likely stick with for a while though.

I just poured my coffee beans into my french press instead of the grinder. It's going to be a long day.

What do you all use to browse files on s3? (on linux machines that is)

Played a game of Fauna and Cacao last night with friends after dinner. Both great games.

@Juju I almost bought a kilt once; I wonder how hard they are to make... :thounking:

@bignose @PastaThief I would also suggest browsing tags that interest you. That is a good way to find people. For instance, if you were interested in art:

@iplayred Welcome aboard! Let @fabian @big_chip or myself know if you have any questions. Glad you are here and happy tooting!

Giving :manjaro: for a spin. I like it; though it is hard to beat Ubuntu's polish. Already had to struggle to install various things. But I will give it a week or so. In other news this HP Elitebook's keyboard is great.

@big_chip Indeed. I have 8 players. A little much but we are all accommodating and having a good time. A mixture of new players and co-workers and friends. A great mix of people.

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