@Nestarion not sure. The stream seems to work fine. When I try to record at the same time to file my machine seems to get out of sync. I might try to play with it more. 🤷🏼‍♂️

@Nestarion I just did a few streams using it! Pretty easy to setup. I think my 7 year old hardware doesn't like the idea of me streaming too much.

@sikkdays I just played for an hour and I am able to save the state, so I will go back to it. I will do my best not to read what to do!

Norteña music developed in the late 19th century, as a mixture between German folk music (which was introduced to Mexico with the arrival of German migrant workers in those years), and local Northern Mexican music. // Well that explains it!

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Is there a connection between some regional/traditional (Norteño) Mexican music and polka that I don't know about?


@evilchili the size of chicken breasts these days are unnatural for sure.

Thinking of streaming myself playing the original Zork.

Minimalist Keyboard 

@Nestarion I swapped my control key and caps lock for about 8 minutes and I couldn’t adapt. I can imagine using something like this.

Lost my irreplaceable wedding ring on Sunday, July 5th. Longshot but I thought I'd post this in case it's spotted. I believe it slipped off during hand sanitizer. Possible locs:

- Vernon's Dnr, Bedford
- Esquire Rst.
- The BLT trail
- Glenbourne Bike Park

🙏 for any reshares.

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