@galacticstone Wekiva? That is 7 minutes from me where I am sitting right now.

@fabian I am up for a vassal game anytime (figuratively speaking of course.)

COVID-19 mention 

@exstral @codesections Welcome. I have only kicked the tires a bit; haven't used it for real "work." Looks nice enough though.

Dio lyrics sounds like the intro of a Lord of the Rings knock-off. However, this is my favorite of their albums: youtube.com/watch?v=USCCGPCkF-

@tobyr21 I love Scrivener! Also works smashingly in Linux/Wine. Also, your mouse is backwards. ;-)

@malin Thanks for testing; I am pretty aggressively blocking ads, which is what I think might be giving me an issue. Yep, disabling my pi-hole allows it to work.

Hello all.

I'm doing an open source tabletop RPG.

Also looking for simple games people can play in the browser with friends, due to quarantine.

Playing via a game of Dominant Species with some friends practicing social distancing.

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