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Has any installed 2.7.0rc1? How’s it going on your server?

I made the decision to stop reading a book that no longer holds my interest. Past me would have kept reading so I can say I read the book, but time is precious! Read what brings you joy!

Boost this post if you've ever turned on a computer by putting a knife or a paper clip across the power jumpers

Seriously considering replacing my iPhone with a flip phone, , point and shoot and a portable Player.

I am looking to remove the , and ridiculous expense of having one as a smart phone.

Besides, I have always liked carrying things in bags since I watched Indiana Jones as a kid.

@Goatar Welcome aboard! Let me or @fabian know if you have any questions. Glad you are here.

I will update us tonight when I have time to fix it if I break things...


Shift + / opens up a list of all the keyboard shortcuts for mastodon.

#introductins Hi guys I'm new here hope to find friends that loves linux as me 😎. I love Linux + Raspberry pi


Giving the for a spin. I found that just gets sluggish after a full day at work.

I've written a GIMP plugin to put a "sticker border" around the current layer for the lazy people like me that do Telegram stickers for their SO πŸ˜‹ #mastodonArt

Dave Mustaine is a better riff writer and player than James Hetfield. Change my mind.

Finished up the main scenario of #Cataclysm - took us 10 hours over 3 sessions. Tense end, as the Fascists almost seized the victory with a last minute unexpected drive into the Lorraine, but the victory of the US backed forces in the Indian Rebellion let the Democracies squeak ahead.

#boardgame #wargame

Watching the Masked Singer. Weirdest show I have ever seen. Not sure how it was greenlit. However; I love it.

Making a Kindle pillow for my wife. Put on an old patch. Making it up as I go along.

My middle child (still at home) turned 16 years old yesterday. Had a party for her and it was great. I should’ve taken some pictures. In the meantime, here are some

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