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My wargaming partner and I have been exploring Tom Russell's _Supply Lines of the American Revolution_ for the last couple weeks. It's a fascinating take on the American Revolution that manages to pack a lot of the feels of how logistics informs the campaign of 18th century armies into a very lightweight system. The green cubes are food, the tan "war supplies" and you need both for an army to operate.

@fipplej Welcome aboard! I love the avatar. Beautiful instrument.

Facebook, Surveillance Cap, Cursing 

Also, currently all profits from Toot! are going towards vet’s bills for a guinea pig who is doing poorly but trying her best.

This isn’t a sales campaign or fundraiser, just a note that if you’ve bought Toot!, you’ve helped a cute little guinea pig.

Turns our there are some out there! and Looking more for a free standing shop, but I think they might exist.

Is there such a thing as building plans? I want to build a small workshop in my backyard.

6 years, 14 re-writes, & 2 name changes later, the weather discs, bag, score tokens, & island tiles are gone from the game you see here. Publishers were only interested in the game equipment which I tacked on to add a nature theme. So I wrote a new, unrelated set of rules, from scratch.

Perhaps it could be said that 6 years of work resulted in GaiaVora, but I have only been working on GaiaVora for a year.

one of my lecturers posted a picture of his kids in the louvre and it looks like a screen from a swedish arthouse film

for Mastodon instance admins 

Akira is on the right track to be fully funded, but we need your help.
Share the campaign, write a blog post, talk about it on your podcast, make a video about it, and help us reach more people. A professional UX design tool on Linux is possible!
#akiraux #linux #design #kickstarter #opensource

Taught two new players Brass: Lancashire. A relaxed and, as usual, fantastic session. πŸš‚ πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Things we need to start, and stop, doing (thread):

* Don't upgrade your phone when the newer model comes out. Hang on to your handset as long as possible.

* Same for your car, unless you're upgrading for something more environmentally friendly (and consider the environmental impact that creating that new car had and if it's worth upgrading right now, or hanging on to your old one for a bit),

Taking the daughter today to tour the 2nd largest school in the country.

WhatsApp is next - and it's been coming for a while 

@Nestarion Welcome aboard! Glad to have you here; feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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