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I think I might be getting my fill of . Might be time to start exploring some different genres.

I would like to try again. What is the best distro with the best KDE experience out of the box? Suse? Sound Noise Music mastodon instance.

We welcome active musicians, songwriters, algorave livecoders, digital signal processing hackers, bedroom producers, writers of choral music, under-the-radar music selectors, exotic instrument explorers...

We'd like to stay easy and modest in numbers, hope for a quality local timeline and network with high S/N ratio.

Read our CoC first

then get in touch if you're interested joining our club.

I just realized that Black Sabbath's Master of Reality is only 34 minutes long. Just about the same length as Slayer's Reign in Blood.

Liquorice is what you get when someone makes a sweet out of tar and hatred.

After digging into Grammarly's privacy policy, this Reddit user decided to uninstall. Why? He found that Grammarly...

1. Collects everything you type into the browser w/the extension
2. Can store that data indefinitely
3. May share it with 3rd parties

@Descender Welcome aboard! Let me know if you have any questions. @fabian, @big_chip and I are here to help. Glad you are here. Happy tooting!

Strong language 


slight complaining, for humor's sake. 


I just can't get into Merciful Fate or King Diamond. Can't get past the vocals, which is weird, because I have no problem with Dream Theater.

Thank you to @natecull for sharing a truly shocking news story about YouTube/Google:

When YT/Google were directly asked to choose between morality and money, they chose money. As a result, Google are financially wealthy but morally bankrupt.

There are better alternatives out there, such as PeerTube:

#DeleteYouTube #DeleteGoogle #PeerTube

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