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Interesting interview with Jaron Lanier (2018):

Question: “How [do you] respond to the argument that without viable alternatives, walking away from Facebook or social media more generally is a privilege?”

JL: "If you’re privileged enough to have the option of walking away from social media, and yet you don’t, you’re failing to use your privilege to defeat a system that traps other people who are less fortunate than you."

@fabian These allegations are false, and have also been refuted by the Swiss public prosecutor. You can find more details here:

It’s worth tooting that this instance runs on Google cloud. (The media assets are stored on s3.) If you see problems here (I haven’t yet noticed any) then that is likely the reason!

I have been using the trial of Apple’s News+ feature. Gotta say, if I had an iPad, I would keep it. It is great to read through and magazines willy-nilly. However, the iPhone and macOS is less than ideal for the format.

Sometimes I fall asleep when I am browsing mastodon. I wake up to find that I boost and favorite strange things.

Japanese photographer Miyoko Ihara, series on the bond between her 88-year-old grandmother Misao and her odd-eyed cat Fukumaru #womensart

1 year ago (yesterday) I was in for work. At the time, the stress of the work kept me from really enjoying the city. Now I wish I could head back.

Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops has some really interesting potential. Interesting strategy with enough luck to make for some good stories where the underdog makes a big play at the end to win it. Can't wait to try the Co-op expansion.

Well, been taking a break from digital art and diving into the world of for the first time since 2009! It's been so fun and relaxing and I was never any good at it, but I do LOVE how this piece turned out. One of my friends gave me the prompt "fire goddess" and I ran with it. :) A spunky and ancient flame goddess greets the day. Enjoy!

I've talked about this before, but let me do it again.

The US is more or less run by the entertainment industry.

Creating your own music, art, movies, books, videogames, podcasts, and stage plays within the US is an act that robs the established power structures of attention.

Making media is an act of radicalism, of protest, and of outright rebellion.

Support local music. Go to a community theater. get a bunch of weird nerds together in a basement and film a talkshow.

Fight back.

Finally won our first game of :-)
Forgot to take more pictures :-(

Hey folks, so my S.O. has been reading and writing reviews of every TSR fantasy novel of the '80s and '90s chronologically. It's been a *journey*.

You can read his blog here:

#TSR #Fantasy #LetsReadTSR #MediaCriticism #BookReview #BookReviews #DungeonsAndDragons #DnD

Still new to mastodon. Try to check my local feed a lot but it's a bit hit and miss. Anyone got some content creators to follow? Anything OSR would be brilliant, RPGs in general too.

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