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If any of you tabletop folks are around Gen Con, drop by this pretty booth to see some of the games I’ve had the pleasure of working on lately.

#gencon #boardgames

Starting my Elder Sign + Unseen Forces + Grave consequences session

Today a girl said she recognized me from vegetarian club, but I’m sure I’ve never met herbivore.

@Mikedjcun welcome aboard! Let me, @fabian or @big_chip know if you have any questions. Happy tooting!!

I hear that the new album is going to have an 18 minute long song; I cannot wait!

Unsolicited recommendation: Basecamp is awesome.

And then, look at this: I've done 10 paintings in the "endlessly winding roads" series! I love how they all have a similar mood!

if you want these pins! we have not set up a proper store yet but i can manually take orders, we have about 90 of them left to go

DM me for paypal, they go for $8 per pin, $5 flat rate shipping worldwide up to 10 pins

Mermaids are cool because they are the opposite of land Lords.

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Played a game of Rummikub at the family reunion. I had a hard time getting an opening meld out.

Mastonaut is a great little client. I have one gripe: the window sizing/adding a new column doesn’t work well. It is almost a deal breaker for me. :/

I am enjoying Firefly. (The art sucks. I got over it.)

Am I right that there are very likely going to be no expansions for this game? The box is silly large for the number of cards that go into it.

Its longest dimension is for the rolled-up game mat. Can't make that any smaller without damaging it.

So I need a better storage solution for the 500-or-so cards *and* the long game mat. Any hacks you folks know of for these games?

Hello! I am a professional developer. I love programming and making games. Recently moved into the kids space from free to play mobile games and having a blast navigating the new problems in this space and feeling good about what I am making. I am always on the lookout for cool new , and am an avid user, especially in the world.

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