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Tried gnome, still not for me. Back to xfce it is.

It blows my mind that this guy is(was) related to Dimebag. A weird cross convergence of my interests in life.

Today’s moment of serenity brought to you by beautiful weather and the dog park.

cancer, cussing, pissed 

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
- Dylan Thomas

God dammit.

#BottosCon Day 2, Game 2: brought in a full game of _SpaceCorp_ in just a few minutes over 4 hours. Managed a pretty solid victory through monopolizing production in Planeteers and a few good colony choices in Starfarers. I continue to love the narrative that this game spools out.

#boardgame #gmtgames

#BottosCon Day 2, Game 3: _Wir Sind Das Volk 2+2_ the game I've been most eager to bring to the table. High tension in the waning days of the 1980s as nuclear tensions threatened to tip over the brink into the final war.

In the end, we had an East Germany who never built in wall and survived into the modern era with a functional socialist economy, breaking free of the Soviet leash, while the USA turned its ambitions toward space. A hopeful alternate history.

#boardgame #strategy

Got to play a 4p game of last Sunday. Used warp zones thanks to the SCPT game mat. Great game!

Pretty stoked as I found a regular opponent local to me. Expect more photos soon!

Gave my second lecture on Arduinos today. Now some hands on practice at the Lab!

Discourse is a great piece of software. Extremely polished.

Jon Favreau created The Mandalorian? Say what?

@Gargron I also use favorites as likes, we're humans, we like to show appreciation, and would be nice to have a like button and a bookmark button as separate functions.

Is there a PeerTube instance focussed on video- and/or boardgaming? Thinking about saving some of my Twitch "highlights" for the future.

@Kregain welcome aboard and glad you are here. Let @fabian, @big_chip or myself know if you have any questions. Happy tooting!

#Fediverse, are you ready for the cutest thing ever?

My parent's cat loves sleeping on the dryer, but as he got older he was having a hard time jumping up to it. So my dad built him a little ramp 😭🐱

Taught a Lunch and Learn at work on 101. Giving gifts out for participants.

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