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#GoodMorning (#tzag)...

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Hey I just realised I have been here for one year as of yesterday. Its been an absolute positive switching my social to masto from Facebook. Thank you all for making this such a great place.

Happy Holidays, everybody! May they be as relaxed and fulfilling as possible. Enjoy your family, but also enjoy yourself – it's totally fine to celebrate alone or in a non-family context. Or online. Or not at all. 💓

Tried a FOSS personal CRM application that was written with Laravel. Didn't take long to delete it; sometimes, while I think some of these frameworks while better (easier?, more fun?) to program with, it makes system administration on them a chore. Deleted the instance. 🤷‍♂️

Started the full campaign of #Nevsky last night, and got through three turns. We were going slow and careful and checking rules, it should speed up as we get more comfortable. Mind melting decision making though! #boardgame #wargame

@robert I don't know if this will contain anything of interest to you, since you're already experienced in solo gaming, but it came up as a "daily deal" notice for me and I thought you might potentially be interested:

People of Mastodon, show me your sample packs. Installing renoise tonight and want some inspiration!

Also, I got an iPad recently, in large part to play games on it to supplement my lack of board game time. Honestly, it isn't the same. 🤷

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My view/habits for the board game hobby is changing. I think I purchased less than 3 games in 2019. I don't think it has been that low in close to 8 years of playing games on a regular basis.

why does this router look like a teleporter pad in a b grade quake clone

Didn't realize that Discourse is considering adding ActivityPub support.

I think that ActivityPub starts to get really interesting when non-social networking style apps start to share data on it.

I don't have any tracking installed on this instance. Every once and a while I take a look at the access logs. Wanna see?

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