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For those of you working in the (I know, I know..) Terraform is wildly exciting and infuriating at the same time.

Let's make Gratitude Day a thing! Please share and pay it forward with a simple gratitude message.

I am grateful to @robert for the truly friendly and welcoming atmosphere he created and creates on, which I think was instrumental in me feeling comfortable joining the Fediverse.

Are there any popular libre settings out there that you know of?

(By libre settings I mean RPG game worlds with either a creative commons license, a GPL license or MIT or public domain. In the reality meaning that the community is free to do whatever they want with it and build upon it)

Work has had me working lately. Took some time off Thursday to enjoy Star Trek .

Anyone want to help me come up with a list of people names?

I'm writing examples for #boardgames rules, and I'm trying to reword things to be gender neutral. I'd like a list of names that I can use – preferably ones that can work across different languages if the rules are translated. What have you got, toots?

(boosts welcome)

I'm thinking of offering free Office 365 and Power Platform training available to people who wouldn't normally have access to it, with people in the trans community being my main focus at first. None of this training will be dumbed down in any way, and will be the same advice and knowledge that people used to pay me £1000+ a day for. All for completely free.

Hello fellow skaterz! 😎

We are , a libre community created tabletop RPG similar to the , or kind of games.

That means that YOU can share, edit or even SELL Bind if you'd like or make your own game out of it.

But most important of all, it's a fun roleplaying game that isn't in the way of the ocmmunity and you having fun. 😀

Please share!

Dreaming of ways to torture my players in tonight’s :dnd: session.

Creative jobs:
- paid to create, no control.
- paid to control, no create.

Family holiday tradition: Two Scrabble boards. Two sets of letters. Ten letters per person. No mercy.

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