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#screenshotSunday best sundays. feeling a bit dystopic?

background goes blurry when there's a window with the focus :D also: fancy #polybar <3

#openbox #bitmapFonts #manjaro #unixporn #screenshot #desktop

The Corvids are Conspiring!

First time out with a #Root Underworld faction. The Corvids cleaned up, they turned out to be quite a bit more dangerous than they seemed on the surface!

Welcome to the new users here at! @big_chip and @fabian are your mods. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

Hi instance of ! I'm new to and the instance. I'm Eric, I'm British but live in Germany with my wife and four cats (yes that's many cats). Most recently I've been playing Torres, which is a fun tower-building board game without any dice!

Hi, I'm new to this instance and a total newbie at Mastodon. I hope to join into some discussions of board games, especially RPG-style and/or Solo.
Hello there

Anyone here who wants to play something on

This is why we take Merlin to the park every weekend. He’s the cutest when he sleeps!

Booked our flight arrangements to go see my wife’s mother land. Northern Ireland here we come!

Dear Planet Earth: stop writing things in Java. Thank you, my sanity.

Farting around online looking through old modules and games I played as a kid.

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