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If you're anything like me, you have a USB stick somewhere with the last OS you installed on it. I always wondered why I can't have a single USB stick with multiple ISO files on it.

Now we can: #systools

Props to @gauiis for finding it before me.

selfie, eye contact 

Had to show off my new :dnd: hat! :)

This is THE BEST solo game. Has you recording audio logs of the last survivor on a space ship that was ravaged by an alien onboard. There is some good stuff in this game. If you gave a jenda tower and a deck of cards in your house there are worse ways to spend some time.

's Dave Mustaine has impeccable diction, especially on Symphony, if not questionable world views.

Just watched someone make a blooming onion on YT and now I am starving for onion rings.

Hi everyone! This is my I'm An, junior doctor. Happy to bee here (pun intended 🐝), after landing in a couple of days and getting quite confused.

This explains my username:

These are a few of my interests:
(tabletop simulator fan)

My spouse who does copper-plate etching, self-described as a "very medieval process", has taken the current situation as impetus to conquer her fear of the digital world, and begin offering her metal, ink & paper creations online.

I fondly remember the board game I made out of real working gears.

I’m just starting to play Robinson Crusoe. I like solo games that are very complex and difficult to win, games that invite you to think for ten minutes before making a move. They always have looong rulebooks, lots of rules that one has to internalize. The great challenge is to win without accidentally breaking any rule. I also like my games to have at least a hint of RPG in them, and I just realized why: I like Rule-Playing Games.

overheard in work slack: So far this week, my only exercise has been trying to click the "Leave Meeting" button before the "Ended by Host" dialog pops up. #QuarantineLife

I am going to open registration to this instance again to see if the spam bots have given up.

I thought there was a opensource version of something like Statamic?

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Hey, what's the name of the static site generator that has a CMS attached along with it?

physical health 

I think I am going to need to start working out to improve my general health. Not something I am looking to incoroporate into my routine. I already feel like I don't have enough time in the day and I kinda resent spending time on it.

I have a surprise for you all. 😏
I've committed someone to create a proper logo for #Sengi.

I didn't go the "contest" way because it leads to make people work for free. So I found someone that has a nice portfolio and paid upfront.

He just sent me the result, I'm waiting for the final files but... here it is! 😀

For the out there: How often do you start writing something and then immediately think, this is stupid and stop. I have many ideas that don’t make it past two sentences. Is that normal for anyone else?

38 days of isolation. I feel so fortunate to be living with someone I love and can be around 24/7. Also, I'm glad I work hard to never be bored.

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