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I am going to be writing a post on for this instance ( Would anyone like to contribute some thoughts? If so, send them to me at rburkej at and let me know if I can quote you or not. The final post will live on

It's little things like this that drives me back to / . Tempted to try because I am really starting to like some of the things in . I shouldn't have to troubleshoot why my meta key works sometimes and then it doesn't. (BTW, it still is working but if I reboot it does for some time.)

Okay, the dropdown bash window in is pretty sweet, and I could get used to that.

The wife and I want to go back in time and experience again.

Alright, I am warming up to . However, / command line apps are foreign to me which is proving the larger obstacle oddly enough. I will stick with this one for a while.

is strange to this guy who has used gnome for 20 years.

Apparently I had to connect to the internet? That seemed to do it, but I am not sure what it was. Would’ve rather had a error that said a network connection was required.

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second attempt with less than stellar success with . Installer keeps crashing.

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Installing / on my newly resurrected test box. Let's see how this goes.

Does anyone have a machine dedicated to test distros? Thinking about it but I feel like it might be a bit excessive...

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