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@robert Oh, I know! Stewart Cowley's Terran Trade Authority illustrated books.

I think they're out of print, but the images were absolutely stunning. I own one of the 4 books: Spacewrecks (in Italian).

@robert I have this one, which is in the same product line and by the same author as the book that @urbanfuzzy recommended.

I would like a coffee table book of 1970's scifi art. Has anyone seen such a thing?

Not really a video game player, but I did pre-order . And I am excited to play it!

So I have had this Model M for about a week. I absolutely love it. The one think I wish I could do with it is to reverse the space bar. I have become quite accustomed to that on my other keyboard.

Someone just forwarded me a dot eml file, like for real. I can't remember the last time that really happened.

Playing board games online is...

I live in . I don't want to send my kids back to school. Both of my children did better outside of the regimented school system. That being said, they do desperately miss their friends. Make matters even more suspect, I have one that has asthma and that is a grave concern to us.

I am watching people Thrift store shopping on YouTube. What has my life come to?

Norteña music developed in the late 19th century, as a mixture between German folk music (which was introduced to Mexico with the arrival of German migrant workers in those years), and local Northern Mexican music. // Well that explains it!

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Is there a connection between some regional/traditional (Norteño) Mexican music and polka that I don't know about?

Thinking of streaming myself playing the original Zork.

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