I don’t watch the queens speech and never have because quite frankly I believe the monarchy is immoral and the Queen can do one.

This doesn’t mean I hate my country.

Played a game of Puerto Rico last night. Fun game, yet, I will say that San Juan has a bit more "elegance" in my opinion.

Getting to play Lancashire tonight, a birthday present from my wife! I love the art, theme and gameplay. Shame it's set in the worst 'Shire.

#BottosCon Day 2, Game 2: brought in a full game of _SpaceCorp_ in just a few minutes over 4 hours. Managed a pretty solid victory through monopolizing production in Planeteers and a few good colony choices in Starfarers. I continue to love the narrative that this game spools out.

#boardgame #gmtgames

@smith @robert hi welcome aboard. We are a quite but friendly community, glad to have you here.

Got to play a 4p game of last Sunday. Used warp zones thanks to the SCPT game mat. Great game!

Hello! I stumbled onto this site via @robert (via his BGG account). I look forward to seeing all kinds of board gaming!

Pretty stoked as I found a regular opponent local to me. Expect more photos soon!

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