mastodon question: How does someone see my bio? I have clicked on several people and see some profile info, but I have not seen anything marked as a bio.

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Confirmed: Mountain Dew is just the water from boiled carrots that’s carbonated.

@marlonn Due to my passover preparation, and passover itself, I will be playing even more slowly until about 4/16. I must say, our Pax Porfiriana is getting interesting.

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@robert @tobyr21 I feel like a spring chicken now :p I haven’t had to do any real coms or web systems work up to now but every time I peep into the void I get a glimpse of the tangled mess of different tech cobbled together to do one simple thing and then just back out quietly and shut the door.

I am happy sitting here programming my pic chips thanks.

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@tobyr21 Programming is probably not a great way of describing what I do. I am lead of team of Cloud and DevOps Engineers. So we hack many systems together using ever tool set one can think. So I am consistently installing various run-times and plugins.

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Last day of school in the UK today. My wife has been dealing with kids in tears because school is the only place where they can escape difficult home lives or get a hot meal. Its easy to forget that not all kids are rubbing their hands together gleefully awaiting an indefinite period of xbox gaming, for some school is a welcome escape.

Her first video on ironsword is called:
Ironsworn print version look inside - YouTube

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To be more specific: search for:
ironsworn youtube geek gamers
and you will find:
Ironsworn (gameplay demo) - YouTube

She made a video that precedes this one (about the game system) which I have not found yet.

Ironsworn can be downloaded as a free PDF, or purchased.

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I'm also studying Ironsworn, a system for playing D&D-style games (co-op, SOLO or with a DM). It's a remarkable open-handed system that can work beautifully if you use your imagination. If you search for playthroughs of Ironsworn, you will find a woman with wonderful DM-style imagination, showing how Ironsworn can work. I haven't discovered her name yet.

I recently read up on "Race for the Galaxy", a game that requires you to make painful choices about your cards because cards are used for everything (even as money to buy cards).
Mage Knight creates similar painful choices about using cards, although in a different way.
I'm expecting to try RftG at BoardGameArena with several students from the local University, once they get home and get settled.

@marlonn I think you have already won our Pax Porfiriana game. I'll play on for a while before I give up. Maybe I'll learn something.

A firend of my daughter wrote a short story about online and in-person gaming in the time of a pandemic. She wrote it a year ago, and it seems precient now. Here is the link to it: slash con-crud

Re: your essay on Robots and the Library, you have made an inaccurate assumption: AI now threatens jobs that require judgment by humans. Ai already appears to be better than people for analyzing image medical tests, such as X-rays.
Robots might soon be able to put books back on the shelves, but it's more likely that books will go into holding bins serviced solely by robots. A machine can find a book by knowing where it is, rather h by its being carefully placed in some kind of shelf order.

Here's a photo of my Gloom of Kilforth setup (at the end of a game). And yes: the cards on the right and left, the cards on the box, and the cards on the music stand were all in play. Kilforth requires an awful lot of space, but it's a wonderful solo game.
I've played about 8 games so far, and here's my greatest challenge: to say, after I win: "I didn't forget any of the rules!"

I want to make work for all you Mastodon experts. It's easy to find advice about how easy it is to use Mastodon. It's harder to find advice about how to do anything interesting (like my request to filter the federated feed). As a newbie, my searches for what would be good in a solid user manual tend to get hits on the Mastodon API, rather than gleaning user advice. Is anyone worrying about a comprehensive user guide with examples?

Filtering my federated feed:
I would appreciate advice on how to construct filters. My goal is to make a filter that does not affect my local feed, and selects specific phrases I want to see in the federated feed. Thanks!

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