@marlonn With apologies, I have resigned our game. I was bored. Sorry. -Toby

@marlonn More Sturm und Drang on my part. All's well; your turn. (Pax)

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@marlonn I discovered that I could reset my turn, so it's still my turn to move.

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@marlonn {Pax Porfiriana} I'm not clear whether I'm supposed to end my turn or just wait for you to do your inter-move. Let me know here if you are unable to play right now. It's supposed to be your turn to do something.

@robert Well played. I've decided that the game of Seasons is not hat much fun for me, so I shall not challenge you to a rematch. Thanks for the game!

I just saw a particularly wonderful typo online. I'm looking at the 2fungys.com website because my daughter just gave me a fruiting shiitake log. They have advice if you want to get shiitake growing on a log by yourself. They recommend NOT using logs from these trees: Ash, Black Walmart, Elm, Black Locust,...

@anahata I got one of my earliest lessons in computer security from Rogue 3.6. One could see in the compiled code that there was a command to become the all-knowing, all-powerful wizard. One needed a password for this, and none of us knew the password. However, one could encode one's own password and jam it into the rogue executable, in place of the original encoded password; and then one could become the all powerful wizard.

@PastaThief I heartily recommend it. I think you'll want to read the rules carefully before you start, and you'll want to read them a lot during your first few turns, and you'll want to read them carefully away from the game again. It helps.

I’m just starting to play Robinson Crusoe. I like solo games that are very complex and difficult to win, games that invite you to think for ten minutes before making a move. They always have looong rulebooks, lots of rules that one has to internalize. The great challenge is to win without accidentally breaking any rule. I also like my games to have at least a hint of RPG in them, and I just realized why: I like Rule-Playing Games.

I won a triumph (score: 288) in my fourth game of Nemo's War , mostly because I drew an incredible collection of wonder tokens. I must say that winning this game with a lot of luck feels much better than feeling skillful and losing.

Somewhat similar: I get a great idea and start writing it up; Then I decide I can easily find more than I'm about to say on the Internet.

My home town is well known as the United States home of Albert Einstein. It ought to be equally well known as the United States home of Kurt Gödel (who ought to be equally well known).

I can't figure out how to make the game start. There must be something I need to click on at bga. The table looks all set.

@robert I am about to challenge you to a game of Seasons on BGA. I expect to get badly beaten a few times while learning the game. It looks like fun.

The stacks of tiles in your picture gave me an idea for a crazy game. Imagine a wargame in which there is basically only one rule about how much you can stack your tiles: The tiles have varying degrees of flatness, and a few of them are always in danger of sliding off of their pile (in which case, those tiles take permanent damage).

@marlonn my son in law, who knows this game, solved my problem. I have to end my turn. You are actually in the middle of the turn, just waiting for me to make my unrest choice. I will fix this when i get home.

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@marlonn , after I choose a mine to put your unrest counter on, the game seems to freeze. I am offered no actions, and I can't click on cards to use them.

Here is my play panel shoing that I can do nothing, although I have taken no actions. I wonder if there is something I must do after placing the unrest counter. ANy suggestions?

(I can restart the turn and the problem is repeatable)

The guy who created Gloom of Kilforth has a new game in kickstarter. (It got funded in one hour.) There is little available about this game, but it looks excellent. Supplies of the base game on kickstarter are limited, but they are not moving fast right now.
Kilforth is a superb game!

Yucata supports a game called Awale (It's a stone-feeding game, also called awari and oware) with rules that are easy to remember. Here are the rules:
Anyone care for a game?

We just got our copy of the newly published Harry Potter in: Yiddish.

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