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Stop and think for a moment.

This place isn't owned by a corporation.

We are all hanging out in a place free of corporate bs, invasive advertising and toxic unwillingness to tackle moderation in a mature way.

Your feed is chronological, there is no engagement manipulation of post visibility.

Yet that isn't exactly why you opened up mastodon/pleroma right this minute is it?

You are checking up on the fediverse because it is a chill place to be and also all those things.

How cool is that?

My daughter Catherine and collaborated on our victory! "The blue and orange empires have always had excellent relations!"
Won on 2018-12-30 with 4 players, winning score: 5

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"To Arms!!" is a solitaire casual deck-builder, designed to fit Android mobile device screens. After a long hiatus, there's an update with new content! It's available for free on Google Play.

Sorry about the plug but it's by a friend of mine! It'll be great!

Call Us Ishmael:

The Moby-Dick documentary, a movie about a book. One whale of a tale.

Call Us Ishmael:, via @Kickstarter

So in line with my "anti cult of the new" feelings of late I see this: and here's the related Reddit thread: I'm thinking I may need to start a gaming blog about these ideas. Never been a big blogger...

Has anyone heard a great catchphrase for the opposite of "The Cult of the New". As the number of new games increase I find myself less and less interested and more focused on enjoying what I have. Someday I'd love to wear a button with a cool catch phrase to a con.

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Getting setup to play some tonight! Doing the Zombie Smash scenario with the family!

Howdy everybody! I've been in the gaming hobby since 2000 or so. I started a successful gaming group 13 years ago but recently moved... so still finding my clan....again. I'm card carrying "Old School Cool" person. Just because a game's new doesn't mean it's better than what came before. I love games with direct conflict and some randomness. The game should be epic! @robert if there's anything I can do to help, keep me in mind.

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