Hi @kcorac welcome aboard boardgames.social, if you are new to Mastodon heres a good overview of the ins and outs kevq.uk/how-does-mastodon-work. If you have any questions about anything feel free to contact myself, @robert or @fabian.

Have a look around and when you feel ready post an introduction.

Happy tooting!

@big_chip @robert @fabian Hi there.
I'm a gamer looking for different growing healthy communities to share my passion. I left 'conventional' popular networks because those didn't bring anything to the table but toxic and filter-bubble protected discussions based on unethical techniques. I hear good things about Mastodon so I decided to joint in and try to become part of the community. :coffee_travel_cup_brown:
:d12: :d6: :d4: :d10: :d20: :d8: :zlink: :kirby: :mario: :steam:


@kcorac nice to see you here. Hope you find what you're looking for. It's more "bring your own content" because the community is still rather small. But the ratio of higher quality discussions is quite good. And the freedom, of course.

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